Patient Testimonials

"I would like to thank the staff at Lebanon Endoscopy Center, and Dr. Miller, for the wonder experience that I had there.  Everyone was so nice, and very helpful.  The quick response was great; it was like they were waiting on me, instead of me waiting on them.  I recommend the Lebanon Endoscopy Center and Doctor Miller to anyone.  Thank you again."

Daniel Lane
February 6, 2017

"First, I would like to say that having a colonoscopy was not on my bucket list of things to do before I died. However, I am in the medical field and know the importance of preventative care. I guess with all the bad hype of preparing for the colonoscopy, I just didnt want to have to experience it. I have to say, it was not as unpleasant as I had thought. The office prepares you and makes sure you are ready for your test. On the day of the test, everyone was helpful and made sure I was comfortable. Everything was explained so I knew exactly what was going to take place. I loved Dr. Lindsey and her professionalism. Having a colonoscopy is not pleasant, but this staff of people make you feel so comfortable, it really does make for a great experience. Thank you all!"

Janet Prentice
July 7, 2017